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Every year millions of Americans struggle with some degree of dental staining. It can be attributed to the frequent consumption of dark beverages like coffee and tea, or the occasional use of tobacco. At the same time, some dental stains simply develop gradually with age.

Early on you might be tempted to experiment with retail tooth whitening products. Many make exorbitant claims about their ability to safely and effectively whitening teeth.

However, the wisest course of action is still to schedule an appointment at Robert C. Freeman, DDS’s dental offices, before trying a new tooth whitening product. The professional training and experience of Dr. Robert C. Freeman and his staff can quickly assess the severity of your dental stains and determine the safest method for restoring your white smile.

This often starts with a dental bleaching treatment to remove significant dental stains without risking undue harm to your mouth.

Once your white smile has been fulling restored brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste that have been approved by the American Dental Association, can also help prevent new dental stains from developing on your teeth.

If you live in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area and you are struggling to deal with stubborn dental stains, you should call 865-577-7535 to set up a whitening consultation at Robert C. Freeman, DDS’s dental offices.