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At the dental practice of Robert C. Freeman, DDS, we are pleased to offer a wide range of restorative treatments that can improve your smile. Whether your desired changes are big or small, Dr. Robert C. Freeman can care for your smile. One of our most common treatments is dental bonding, a simple treatment that corrects minor changes but can leave big results. To learn more about our restorations and dental bonding in Knoxville, Tennessee, we welcome you to contact us today at 865-577-7535.

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on restoring the overall health, appearance, and function of your smile. Most restorative dentistry is required after one or more teeth have been damaged, decayed, or lost. There are a variety of dental restorations available, and depending on your condition, Dr. Freeman will help you know which one is right for you.

A common restorative treatment is dental bonding. Dental bonding is a very simple and quick procedure that helps improve the appearance of your smile. During a bonding treatment, Dr. Freeman will match the composite resin to match your natural tooth color. We will then place this putty-like resin directly to your natural tooth and shape or sculpt it to correct specific flaws and improve your tooth’s appearance. Once hardened, any extra resin is then trimmed off, and the remaining resin is polished to blend with your natural tooth.

Dental bonding is a great option for treating:

  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Misshaped or uneven teeth
  • Stains or discoloration
  • Minor chips or cracks

If you have any questions about whether dental bonding is right for your smile, we welcome you to call or visit our practice and talk with Dr. Freeman.