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Oftentimes, we think of our oral hygiene as the foundation of our oral health. However, there is no true foundation, as all aspects of your oral health care play a significant role in keeping your smile safe. Not only should you be cleaning your mouth on a daily basis but you should also visit your dentist for routine checkups and examinations. It is also important that you eat a healthy diet, avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, and avoid products that can damage your smile.

In life, you may end up taking part in unhealthy habits that can destroy your smile. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco from time to time. Avoid unhealthy habits like these, as they can stain your teeth, cause bad breath, and eventually lead to tooth loss and cancer. Similarly, do not wear mouth jewelry, such as lip or tongue rings, as they can end up damaging your smile. Oral piercings can cause gum lacerations, oral inflammation, cracked teeth, and even pose significant choking hazards. Another common risk for dental damage is sports. Thus, always wear the appropriate safety gear to keep your smile safe from any dental damage that can occur.

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