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For the majority of the dental crown’s existence, gold and stainless steel have been the dental materials of choice. But with advancements in dentistry have come to a new and more aesthetic option: porcelain. Robert C. Freeman, DDS offers porcelain dental crowns, as well as these five reasons why a porcelain dental crown will boost your smile.

-Porcelain has a more natural appearance. Porcelain is available in several shades and can match the color of your surrounding teeth so that it blends seamlessly with your smile. No one will be able to tell you had any dental work done.

-Porcelain is a low maintenance material. Porcelain as a material is stain resistant, which means that your new crown can stay bright for many years with proper care. Your crown will not need any special treatment to stay beautiful and in good shape as long as it receives a thorough cleaning twice a day and regular visits to the dentist.

-Porcelain provides increased durability. Porcelain is very durable and can last for many years. With proper care, your dental crown should last up to 15 years.

-Porcelain offers greater comfort. The dentist can easily mold porcelain to the shape and size of any of your teeth, providing a very natural fit. Most patients report they do not feel like they’re even wearing a dental crown at all.

Porcelain is a safe material. Complications with dental porcelain are minimal, and allergic reactions are very rare.


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