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Where you get everything you need for a beautiful, healthy, lifetime smile.

Where you will always feel like a member of the family.

Where you will receive the latest advances in pain-free, comfortable, dental technology.

New patients are always welcome!

Modern dentistry is just not the same as it was! Why not come see for yourself?

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We are located:
6555 Chapman Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37920

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Things just aren't the same as they used to be!
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Payment Plans

Old, unsightly mercury fillings can make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold

Then ...

Modern materials can now give you safe, strong, practically invisible fillings


Seeing is believing! Thankfully, dentistry has progressed rapidly from the "good old days". Painless, comfortable dentistry can insure everyone can have a lifelong smile, too. And freedom from tooth-destroying gum disease and sensitivities to hot and cold foods and beverages. A great smile generally means good health, too. Trust Dr. Bob Freeman Cosmetic & General Dentistry with your dental health.

 Take a moment to browse through the Gallery of satisfied customers to see what modern, comfortable, cosmetic dentistry has done for others -- and can do for you! (And now there is a Gallery II of satisfied clients!)

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Services Offered

Products Offered


Dr. Bob Freeman offers all the traditional services of a modern dental practice, including:

  • Reconstructive & Rehabilitative
  • Restorative Services
  • Cosmetic Services
  • Second Opinion (Consultative) Services
  • Emergency Services
Help Your Dentist Save Your Life!

Invest 10 minutes of your time to quickly and painlessly screen for Oral Cancer.

The remarkable New
Vizilite Procedure lets You Know!
Help Your Dentist Save Your Life!
    Lumineers quickly & painlessly fixes what Nature missed
Lumineers Give You What Nature Intended
So what if Nature didn't give you a perfect smile? Learn how to permanently and painlessly get Your Perfect Smile that Nature intended. Lumineers just might be your answer! Click
    Missing a Tooth? Now there is a non-invasive way to look better - fast! A Hugger Bridge can replace a missing or damaged tooth with No Tooth Grinding! 41 million people are missing a tooth. Now, You don't have to be one of them! Click Hugger Bridges let you leave the ranks of 41 Million people missing a tooth!
    Click to go to the ZOOM Whitening page to learn more!

The revolutionary ZOOM Whitening procedure takes less than one hour - to look years younger!


Meet Dr. Bob Freeman

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Click to go to Snap On Smile page to learn more!
Snap On SmileTM

Relationships start with a smile! If nature didn't give you the smile that you deserve, perhaps a Snap On SmileTM is your answer.

Snoring can be very harmful to your health! Check out this product for your health's sake.

Snoring can be very harmful to your health! Check out this product for your health's sake.

Halitosis is something you can now solve - at home!

Halitosis is something you can now solve - at home! Ask your dentist; even your friend won't tell you about bad breath ....

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